Welcome to People iQ

People iQ brings together mobile web, native apps, push notifications and beacons to help retail & restaurant brands simplify their mobile technology. Our platform helps you build long-lasting, loyal customer relationships to drive revenue, get return visits and nail customer satisfaction!

Mobile App

With our easy-to-use mobile app guests can view menus, product catalogs, offers, events, connect on social media, share photos, leave feedback and even book a ride with Uber!

Beacon Technology

Our platform leverages beacons to provide a more personalized experience for your guests. Greet them when they arrive & create micro-moment engagement.


With our dynamic campaigns engine you can send real-time and/or schedule personalized marketing campaigns and events based on guest visits, GEO location and preferences.


Real-time analytics about your customers; names, demographics, & habits. Get access to data that matters such as return visits, social sharing, nearby customers & more.


Automatically prompt guests for feedback based on visit frequency. Dynamically route negative reviews to leadership via push notification for direct engagement.


53% of consumers want a loyalty rewards program and with our open API, your frequent customers can earn points for visits, purchases and/or social sharing.

People iQ™ provides merchants insight and customer engagement tools to drive customer loyalty. Our mobile app platform uses ibeacon technology to provide guests with an easy-to-use mobile app that is completely branded to your company, and businesses with real-time analytics for a personalized customer experience.

People iQ™ Management Portal

Real-time Analytics Dashboard

Gain access to information that matters right in your finger tips. Data such as number of campaigns, check-in's, nearby customers, net-promoter score, share count, return visits & more.

Promotional Offers & Campaigns

Dynamically create real-time campaigns that can be sent immediately or scheduled for future delivery. Campaigns may be based on GEO location, customer segment, time, date and more.

Automated Reviews & Net-promoter Score

Reviews are typically emotionally based. Our platform tied to beacons, automates the process of collecting reviews and feedback from customers.


Micro-moment Engagement

On-site and Nearby Customers

Get notified via our admin portal, mobile app or our new smartwatch app when customers enter your business. Nothing makes a customer feel more valued than a nice hello as they get greeted by name!

Instantly gain access to a list of customers that are currently within a pre-determined range of our business. This feature allows to engage directly with potential consumers based on proximity. Send them an offer or a quick thank you!

User Profile & Permission Management

With our user permissions module you can grant access to your staff with restrictions to certain functions within the platform. You can limit access to creating campaigns, menu or catalog items, adding other users and more.

Product Catalog & Restaurant Menus

Dynamically add or change items in your menus or product catalogs such as price adjustments, photos, descriptions and more.


Say hello to our little friend! Meet the newest member of our family. As a customer engagement tool, our smartwatch app alerts you of VIP’s that have arrived along with details such as profile picture, name, photo, star rating and number of visits!

64% of consumers would be motivated to download an app if they included features like real-time deals and discounts.

59% of consumers like getting promotional codes and offers for special deals.

53% of consumers want access to some type of loyalty program offered by the business.

59% of consumers currently have more than one retail or restaurant app installed on their phone.

Featured App

Put Happy in Your Pocket

We made it easy for you to get access to your clubhappy card & if you need to signup for one, we made it even easier to become a "clubhappy" member at Gabe's. Get real-time access to enrollment, registrations, tracking points, access coupons and reward status level.

Promotional Offers, Deals & Social Sharing

Customers can easily track & manage their clubhappy rewards points, set their favorite stores and find other locations, receive notifications of new clubhappy alerts combined with our in-store Bluetooth notifications of Happy items nearby. Customer can even get exclusive access to app-only deals before they're available in stores!

Real-time Customer Engagement

It's not all about discounts and coupons, its more about getting to know our customers better. Engaging with them and creating a personal experience is key to the future of developing relationships.