People iQ

Creating Lasting Relationships

At People iQ we recognized a big gap in the mobile marketing tactics used by companies today. “They will come running if we give a coupon for it.” Sure they will – but will they come back? Studies have shown that they don’t. As with all consumers, when we are treated well, we remember the experience. And yes, we want more! Customer service is the cheapest thing you can do for your company and so we thought…

Let’s build something that allows businesses to get to KNOW their customers better by engaging on a more personal level. In fact, 60,000 people told OpenTable the number one thing they wished businesses knew about them before they walked in was their name. Imagine that – greeting people by name when they are doing business with you!



With 98 collective years of business experience, our team of serial entrepreneurs, are comprised of former CEO & CMO’s, startup advisors and mentors. Our leadership team has held executive roles at Fortune 10 companies as well as many successful businesses.