As we approach another holiday shopping spree with Valentines Day – we have a few thoughts.

Many of the national retailers are struggling as sales have plummeted, winter was warmer than expected, and apparel retailers face new competition from Amazon.

Most, if not all retailers are testing the same tactics. Let’s run promotions and discount our clearance stuff further. Well, that’s not going to work – because everyone else is doing the same thing. How about concentrating on better engagement through “PERSONALIZED” interactions while customers are shopping in your stores.

Many of our clients use beacons. Beacons can greet customers by name and determine what items to recommend based on profile and past purchasing behaviors. Combined them with other devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and smart watches, they can alert sales associates of arriving regular customers along with historical data at their fingertips or around their wrist.

Imagine that genuine feeling of appreciation your customers will experience through their journey to purchase. That emotion will drive authentic loyalty, return visits and word-of-mouth sharing.

Want to learn more about how our clients are leveraging beacons to drive revenue, get return visits and nail customer satisfaction?

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